Crush Quotes That Might Reflect Your Secret Feelings

Are you getting butterflies in your stomach? That means you’re having a crush on someone. But if that someone is not single don’t feel sad. There is still hope in the future.

We all have that one person we had a crush on forever, but never had the courage to ask them directly because it might be awkward. Just hearing someone mentioning their name can make your heart beat faster and trying to talk with them can be intimidating, our collection of crush quotes are collected from people who have experienced the same anxiety as you.

Being normal around your crush can be very hard and if you want to impress your crush or want to look like an interesting person try to learn as much as you can about them. When you around them make eye contact but don’t stare at them or you might come across as creepy.

We all wonder how we look like in the eyes of our crush and if they get butterflies when we are around them. Here is our collection of crush quotes that explain the beautiful feeling you experience when you’re around your crush.

We hope our collection of crush quotes put a smile on your face. You might also like our collection of cute love quotes, falling in love quotes and I like you quotes.

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    1. It really happened with me in all our family marriages when i look at him ..he is already started staring was awesome