50 Best Couples Halloween Costumes 2018

If you are looking for the latest trends in Halloween costumes for couples, you have come to the right place. You can check out our collection of favorite costumes below.

When someone says Halloween a picture of cute couples in costumes hits the mind. People love to spread the spookiness which the season carries. In this article, we’ll be seeing the different, crazy and eccentric costumes that masses adorn in this eerie season. Right from the funny couple costumes: ranging from Vampire clothing with Fangs to Halle Berry’s Catwoman with a tail, one can witness a lot of couples with different Halloween ideas meandering about town. And when we say couples it’s not restricted to the pre-teen or pubescent people, there are adult couple costumes that are far more popular than the kids these days. Also as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Now let’s take a look at the myriads of couples Halloween costumes that have entered the market now.

Scary Costumes

Remember how scared you were when you were watching IT, with your friends? That was the moment you wanted the clown costume so bad, a real scary fella. Well, you know the whole Friday the 13th craze and imagine wearing a clown costume to a party on a Friday! Now that’s frightening.

Movie & Tv Show Costumes

Halloween just like other celebrations has witnessed a tremendous change. As a result, only the spookiness isn’t the talk of the talk, this Halloween you can wear great costumes like Princess Leia from Star Wars or Be the Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Just don’t limit your imagination.

Superhero Costumes

Superman can be a fun date for you girls out there or be it the heavy-voiced Batman in all black attire crouching in the shadows. Girls can give Anne Hathaway a run for her money by adorning Catwoman costume. If you have web-y inclinations, then you and your partner can become Spidey and Gwen!

Video Game Costumes

Have you ever wished to look like Ezio? Well, you can and you will be as Assassin’s Creed top character this Halloween as the costumes have come out, and they can be yours. Or if you prefer being a Ninja this Halloween well even that’s totally cool.

Uniform Costumes

For you and your partner, Halloween brings the perfect arrest in the form of prisoner costumes. Get to be the prisoners from “Orange is the New Black” and Prison Break. If getting jailed is something you don’t like, be the lifesaver of the party by being a doctor and a nurse.

Disney Costumes

Share the ultimate love by being Jasmine and Aladdin or be the Little Red Riding Hood by giving life to the Disney costumes. Cinderella is again a Halloween favorite. Show off those strong biceps by getting into the skin of Popeye. However, can your girl fit in the olive costume? Only this Halloween will tell!

Historical Costumes

Who said Halloween is only for vampires? What about the Kings and Gods of Egypt and Rome. Be Caesar. Be Helen of Troy. Be Cleopatra. Mix and Match, redefine history. However, if you wish to claim the fame then fight for it as the gladiators would. Yes, Gladiator costume is out as well.

Classic Costumes

Don’t let Elvis leave the building! Get your hands on the costumes similar to the movie Grease Sandy and Danny and come alive. Dance away this Halloween night with Saturday Night Fever costume. Set the stage on fire by wearing Baywatch costumes! A word of advice, don’t freeze yourself. Baywatch is for indoor parties!

So, what’s the wait for? Get in touch and get the best costumes that for this Halloween, set the stage on fire or make it rain with your dance. Let the world know that those vampire fangs can do justice. Happy Halloween!

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